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The second phase of recreational cannabis legalization in Canada includes products that facilitate the vaporization of liquid cannabis extracts (vapes). Although cannabis vapes are legal in Canada, they won’t be available in Alberta while the Government of Alberta conducts a review into the safety of vaping.

Media reports in the United States and Canada have publicized several health concerns around the use of some of these kinds of products. Both Health Canada and the U.S. Centre for Disease Control are warning consumers to stay away from vaping products purchased from illegal or unregulated sources, because they are not subject to any control or oversight and may pose additional risks to your health and safety. They also warn against modifying vaping products or adding substances and additives (such as Vitamin E Acetate) that are not intended by the manufacturer.

Any vaping has risks and the long-term health effects are still unknown; if you don't currently vape you shouldn't start.