Supporting Consumers: How To Order

Ordering products with Alberta Cannabis is easy. Here are some answers to common shopping questions:
How do I add items to my cart?
Select the product you want, choose your desired amount – this could be in grams or millilitres depending if you’re buying dried cannabis or oil – and the price will automatically appear. Then click "Add to Cart"; you’re now ready to checkout or continue shopping.
How much cannabis can I order at one time?
You can order up to 30 grams at a time. This is also the max you can legally possess when you’re out in public.
Can I change my order after it’s placed?
We strive to get your order in your hands as soon as possible. That means once it’s been processed, we can’t make any changes.
Can I cancel my order?
As long as your order hasn’t been processed – that is, we’ve received payment and sent you a confirmation email – you may cancel your order. However, please be aware that this happens quickly – in about an hour – so you’ll have very little time to change your mind.
Can I change the name of the order recipient?
For security reasons, the short answer is no. The name on your order needs to match the name that’s been age verified for the account, as well as the credit card used to make your purchase.