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Browse our catalogue of products, from dried flower to capsules and everything in between. Each product page tells you which Licensed Producer it came from, what’s in it and how much it costs so you can feel confident in your choices. Simply add items to your cart and check out when ready!


Find information about what cannabis is and how to use it responsibly, as well as safe storage tips, information about Canada’s cannabis legislation and how to choose and use the cannabis that’s right for you.


We know you have questions about cannabis and its effects, so here are the answers. We also have information on how this site works, how cannabis legislation is enforced in Alberta, and ways you can stay safer when using or storing these products.


When it comes to using cannabis, we want you to be responsible. That means being aware of how it affects you, and the people around you. Review some important safety tips and usage guidelines here, so you get the full picture before you use cannabis.


Curious about delivery times and payment methods? Want to know how to track your order? All the details can be found in our Support section.

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